About This Project

The subject of this series of jewels draws information directly from the contemporary urban society and the psychological effects of this life style: stress, solitude, compromise. This theme also aims at expressing the results of an agonizing existential quest and a thorough observation of the modern phenomena of internal conflict, as they occurred by the imposition of western values and ideals, unable of reconciling to the intrinsic Mediterranean temperament and the general human standards.

The Heraclitean restoration of cosmic order and harmony is being accomplished by transcendental motives, which smolder a priori under the conceptual breadth of the brand’ s moto “Express Your Alma” (Alma in Greek means a long jump). The gold humans are faced with the dark background that forms mortality, the space-time continuum, the urgency of coincidence, undertaking a venture so transcendental that verges on being desperate. This series aspires to become a meeting place of collective thinking and receive part of the burden presupposed by it.


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